所在地  神戸市北鈴蘭
建築規模 木造2階建て
建築面積  91.09㎡    
延床面積 135.02㎡    
竣工年  2009年
写真   玉森潤一
施工   高柴商事


House in Kobe kitasuzurandai
The client had been wishing to live in a log-house. However, considering the flexibility of the design and the contraction conditions, they have chosen to adopt “timber frame work method” and use timber finish as much as possible as the solution.
Spaces including private rooms, wet areas, and storages spaces are placed on the sides like a pier, so that they can be used as a structural basis to support the main roof. On the other hand, the client requested the living-dining to be a semi-public area, therefore, is made to be an open space with a half-outer so that you can feel the spaciousness. This half-outer area is the centre of a circular route, which is connected to each room. This will allow the family to recognize the location of each other.

The symbolic main-roof is a result of simple representation of the shelter to accept the light, breeze and view. It blocks off the strong sunlight in summer and receives warm sunlight in winter.